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Hangzhou five-star hotel began to "sell '"

Date: 2014-08-04

Last month, hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel for a family of three young introduce you to the "family room", is less simple delicate business details, used a lot of things such as the panda doll; Similarly, the hotel hangzhou and radisson plaze organized a family party yesterday, and the party of young parents all have a copy of "baby" of the flyer.
View, star hotel in front of the children are on their high bent.
Hotels, family room "of"
Mr Huang three to hangzhou for a holiday a few days ago, through micro reservation letter, has been admitted to the hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel "family room".
He pushed open the door, Mr Huang three-year-old daughter was the immediate scene "amazing" to: green rural style of the room, everywhere is the panda doll. With a cute baby bed, and decorated the climb a pad and plush toys of children's paradise Angle; Even the bathroom toiletries are also considered, in addition to using the cartoon elements, also equipped with baby shampoo cap and water bath toys.
Kaiyuan hotel "family room" is launched in mid to late July, the staff member tells a reporter, at that time, the hotel has the personalized demand of the market, launched four kind of room, "family room" is one of the most popular, is also the largest number.
Although no launch special parent-child rooms, but hangzhou radisson hotel is also sniffing around parent-child market opportunities. Yesterday, at the radisson hotel specially designed a "family party", the scene have small catwalk shows, children can enjoy games and dessert here.
Hotel "private custom" into the trend
In addition to the launch of parent-child characteristics of housing, the star hotel is also planning to fluctuate in the "baby". In fact, in the family party yesterday radisson, he dropped to the young parents "Shouting" one "baby" custom packages of the hotel. Reporter saw, the hotel's "baby" is divided into Chinese and western, the $3688 per table, which is 350 yuan/person.
Radisson staff said, previously the hotel also has a "baby", but no systematic promotion plan, yesterday, took advantage of the "family party" and, they officially launched the product series, and improve the service, make the product more attractive.
Radisson hotel staff told reporters that star hotel has started digging parent-child market, on the one hand is business banquets market shrinking, the hotel need to find new sources of growth, on the other hand is inspired by the wedding market, "it should be said that the wedding market is a more traditional star hotel with direction, so now the competition is fierce, we hope to develop some new markets, parent-child area is one of our try."
And kai yuan hotel group related staff said, parent-child room the launch of this kind of product, to a certain extent, enrich the product line of kai yuan hotel, created a new hotel industry operation mode of thinking, "this will be the Internet thinking is a beneficial attempt in the hotel management, will vigorously promote the transformation of tourism consumption patterns," the staff said, "after this kind of 'private custom project based on market demand will be more and more."