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The hangzhou hotel: just longjing and spring day

Date: 2014-10-24

From the most prosperous business district of hangzhou city wulin square less than 10 minutes on foot, can be reached from the hotel. Although the hotel's signature in this south lake road, main entrance but I did not open here. Move down inside, slowly along the plate is in the streets and the function of the transition between the lobby waterscape hallway, by controlling the frequency of the water spray, tubular arc water column with rhythm, the caper, create a vivid image of the carp jump longmen figure. Unlike lake south road of this bustling street, mood in this moment of entering the lobby suddenly become stable and quiet. Although from the lobby should not be used to describe the grand, has a unique "town hall" -- nearly three meters high inferior at the four seasons. Stylist specially the suspension Yu Datang behind on the left side of the front desk, for every guest to the store after the first welcome ceremony. To the original as a blueprint, the painter huang gongwang mountain, this inferior from the hotel The figure of the four seasons through the large LED screen to display, let fuchunjiang spring, summer, autumn and winter with dynamic change and a color transformation, but also opened the designer for hangzhou four seasons blueprint for the inspiration of creation.
Longjing spring, summer lotus, osmanthus flowers, autumn winter plum the four most can represent the four seasons plant in hangzhou were woven into the design of the hotel everywhere, combined with phase contrast with the simple but elegant color and with a small piece of urban color elements, will be in hangzhou on foil properly. In all the room in the hotel, the metope after bed adopt hangzhou silk hand embroidery weave, behind the TV set is a panoramic view of the west lake of quietly elegant; Longjing tea tea in bed, in addition to the obvious characters, there are two bottles of tiger spring water can be used to make tea. The west lake, one of the top ten landscape just is also used in many of the design details of the public areas. Indoor ornamental black tea Empty droplight is a stretched version of the scene just, warm yellow light passes from the part of "little stone" hollow out, and tea art bring out the best in each other; Just the famous stone tower also appeared in the part of space the droplight with horizontal bar, design division to the image of the "little stone" hollow out tied in a row, and matches by the golden light, make whole and interior space there is a golden 4 excessive.