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In the west lake

Date: 2014-11-18

Hotel, near the west lake is famous for its luxury, more because this is too early too full development, before the international hotel brands in most state-owned old hotel. New luxury hotels, such as the banyan tree, Ann method such as cloud, it is located in the new development of xixi, tianzhu "periphery" area, etc. It conforms to the world tourist destination features, one of the hottest spots and not the best hotel centrally, because more people, because of the noise. Have you noticed that the hotel near the west lake, even the sofitel, bottom manufacturers are neon lights set a circle, less hotel hidden feeling all of its own. Several first come first serve, become the first selection of hotels by the lake.
Shangri-la: enter the mainland's first
Hangzhou shangri-la, shangri-la is the first store in the mainland, many locals still call it a hotel hangzhou, hangzhou "hangzhou hotel" the plaque is still hanging in the hotel gate. The hotel is the government guest house in hangzhou, MAO zedong, deng xiaoping and others that are in the hotel. Shangri-la in 1984 to enter the mainland, choose here as the first stop, naturally, it sits hills of feng shui and location, and the huge exclusive garden hotel. Up from position, it has to do with yue grave, su causeway and bai causeway, xileng printing society, such as qu yuan prescribed by ritual law scenic spot a few steps away, 45 km away from the lingyin scenic area, and the most quiet roads around the scenic area, is enough to make shangri-la became the most prestigious in the west lake hotel.
Hotel renovation designed by pei. Pei is the jiangnan people, in the representative work of jiangnan is suzhou museum, has a strong personal style -- even if rocks and geometry. The old buildings in hangzhou hotel for a new meaning, limitations will be relatively large. But there are old buildings of old buildings, large garden, trees towering, high and spacious and bright room, not the internal heat of glass curtain wall, brick by brick is moist, standing on the balcony, with gesso yarn from the north mountain through multiple layers of huge camphor and cedar to see the west lake, is in the bottom slope, have been overlooked. Room is woven carpet of flowers, or spelling a flower exquisite wooden floor, walk to make noise, and even made many weird anecdotal stories about hotel, indoor decorate and decorate is old old, senior cadres of the lounge as before, but in that year is the most trendy. Over the past 30 years, the display no longer fashionable, but accidentally take out some long precipitation of elegance. Because of the space and the location on luxury, and meticulous service, has form the skeleton of a luxury hotel and skin, as long as in the old decorate the garment, is still a beauty, and some are not as good as you charm.
Wyndham: rising star
Windham not famous in China, because it is a rising star in the United States, in China's history is shorter. But good location, good service, is the virtue of consensus. Wyndham in a foreign country is famous for its generous service thoughtful. Abroad, hotels usually do not provide services such as toothpaste, slippers, but windham still provide these sweet details, will have candy bedtime snacks and other small gifts, his family's window shade is particularly heavy. And his family's notoriously cordial reception. The 1981 Dallas, Texas to create hotel brands in the United States, most of it is not, but from the hotel number, its size is already the world's largest. Developing at a breathtaking pace, at present in the global operates about 7410 hotels in 67 countries, is not without reason.
Wyndham grand hao at the hotel in the center of hangzhou, hangzhou wulin business circle and lakeside intersection, which is near the food court, near the provincial government building and, therefore attracted many government background of business activities. The most rare is, the hotel is near the west lake, was probably just five minutes' walk from the hotel to the middle-east left and right foot. The hotel's executive floors and ordinary floor are equipped with lake view room, lounge chair on the balcony can overlook the west lake of the weeping willows green wave, this natural convenience, is the hotel in hangzhou, is not easy to achieve.
Wyndham is a typical American hotel: large, decorate concise, of new and high degree of automation, not artificial, but the service is super good.
You might find it hard to imagine, a room can see the landscape of how important it is. In fact, shuttling between the hotel and meeting room, when and where to become vague, space and time were down, scenery can often be a redemption, understand the change of the seasons, the environment is different, can be a little to save themselves from being in a hurry feeling.