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Hangzhou 5 cloud CuiGu luxury beautiful manor

Date: 2014-12-12

In hangzhou, there is a quiet leisure hotel, by hangzhou greentown hotel management co., LTD., with the concept of niche delicate hotel carefully manicured, builds a manor rest quiet pleasantness of another scene in general. Garden lawn captive the peacock, roaming the mandarin duck pond, the end of the corridor and nifty parrot, more lovely roses sweet atmosphere pervaded the whole hotel.
Make refined luxury beauty languid is lazy
Facing the qiantang river, back five yunshan. Greentown rose garden resort, hangzhou wine shop owner is a three-story building mansions, everywhere has the temperament of famous design and style. Here garden swimming pool, girlfriends wedding afternoon tea party, is the city's most tone.
The implicit yet luxurious resort hotel is a "global Luxury boutique hotel Small key-2 Luxury Hotels of the World", and worms into on butterfly bird, plants and trees respectively. And the interest, can be in mountain view room on the second floor of the balcony or clever design on the third floor of the slope roof edge to see, or go on, until deep in the back garden green. Night, tender berth on a delicate and charming rose represents a rose garden master cordial greetings, a homemade goodnight little point in the hotel, set the mineral water and slippers bathrobe robe carefully. British classical estate may not want to fly to the UK or exclamation Victorian ceased, 72 kinds of herbal essence of SPA, high-speed wireless Internet, BOSE sound system and the tide of the Apple TV, provence L 'OCCITANE BVLGARI bath products or Italy and Italian royal luxury bedding, Nespresso capsule coffee machine, exclusive bathrobe, slippers and children's toothbrush, shampoo, bao hou separate adult bathrobe and robe, bath crock on the yellow ducklings and advance clean body implement, etc., have enough thoughtful supporting modern residents living honorably.
The tip of the tongue of enjoy cate FengJian by heart
If the "global luxury boutique hotel" is just a standardized, so localization is always the symbol of affinity. Chinese restaurant, "court" jade flower blossoms along the lampshade, like says twitter, and green scenery outside the window one integrated mass. Polished open, dozens of new Chinese cooking instantly present a unique charm, and has the aroma of faint. Creative refinement and hangzhou cuisines, tan home government food and features health diet, conduction is green, organic health health food concept, food material are all from the local mountain organic ingredient of the spirit of nature, combined with chef opportunely whim, dish faint scent. Restaurant from season to season launch "selected vegetables", while inheriting classic dishes, according to season for the guests to cook different dishes of fresh delicious has become a natural. Delicate banquet or private chat, chef are concentrated planning, all the dishes by special cooking greentown group executive important fete the high level of cook team hyped carefully now, ensure the dinner dishes of fresh delicious is the first standard of hotel product.